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    About our Eco Friendly Boutique

    With over 50 years experience in the womens fashion business, we are proud to offer you the latest in organic apparel, eco-clothing, and other goods that are socially, ethically, and environmentally responsible. We are totally passionate about bringing you fashion that allows you to express your own unique style while protecting the integrity of the world around us!  Everything we sell in our Eco Friendly Boutique adheres to high socially and environmentally responsibile criteria. We believe we can make our world a better place by making a purchase with purpose.  Join us in the Eco Friendly movement in fashion and bring out your love and compassion for our communites and the world around us.  Find your inner inspiration and feel inspired by your choices.  What comes around goes around!  We can help you Enjoy Karma!

    About Enjoy Karma Eco Philosophy

    At Enjoy Karma we take great pride in the high moral and ethical standards we have set for ourselves to ensure all our clothing is fairly produced.  All of our apparel is either Fair Trade Certified or Fair Trade Conscious and produced under the strictist of ethical guidelines.  We can be Environmentally Friendly or Eco Friendly and often at the same time.  Handmade clothing, especially locally made, has a very tiny carbon footprint.  Organic clothing is at the top at protecting our environment.  Recycling most kinds of materials and fabrics helps to reduce our landfills.  Every little bit helps!  Our Eco Friendly boutique specializes in these very products.  We offer you Fashionable, Organic, Recycled, Fair Trade or Fair Trade Conscious, and Handmade clothing and accesories for women at an affordable price.  They are as friendly to the world as they are to your style.  That's our GOAL:  To help you feel as good as you look and Enjoy the Karma your choices bring!


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